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Soils in the Critical zone Department (Soils_CZ)

Soils_CZ Department organization chart (French) Where is located the Department ? Paris 5e, Grignon and Bondy.

The “Soils in the Critical Zone (Soils_CZ)" Department investigates the mechanisms that control ecosystem functioning and water - matter exchanges in the Critical zone, at soil to catchment scales.

The skills of the Department cover various fields of study including soil and water sciences (pedology, agronomy, surface hydrology, limnology, bio-physical-chemical approaches to soil functioning), chemical and isotopic tracing of the sources and fate of greenhouse gases, water, nutrients, matter and organic compounds.

The Department’s activities focus on water, carbon and nitrogen cycles as well as storage, mineralization and erosion in relation to biological activity, soils uses and agricultural production, particularly in South lands.
They use experimental approaches in the field and in the laboratory (in situ measurement devices, mesocosms, controled condition rooms) and participate in the development of environmental observatories (Trop-OZCAR, M-TROPICS) with the main objective of integrating processes involved in water and matter transfers in ecosystem functioning.

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Henri ROBAIN, CR IRD, Soils_ZC Department manager

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