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Evolutionary eco-physiology (EPE)


Research themes

Studies in evolutionary ecology aims to understand how biological traits are controlled by natural and sexual selection.
These studies examine how environmental selection pressures influence one hand the production and survival of young and secondly the dynamics of populations and ecosystems.
These studies often ignore the physiological mechanisms involved in developmental processes responsible for phenotypic plasticity. Yet such mechanisms constrain the reaction norm. Although frequently mentioned, evolutionary ecology approaches and mechanistic physiology are rarely considered together.
It is on this premise that our team was created.

The 4 main themes of the team are : color polymorphism, maternal effects, host- parasite interactions and the effects of pollution in natural populations.
The original and federal character of the team is manifested by a variety of approaches (experimental, correlative comparative), disciplines (immunology , endocrinology, toxicology) and biological models (insects, birds, lizards ).

Sandrine MEYLAN, IUFM Prof., head of EPE team